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Southport Metro Medical Centre are proud to bring old fashioned family medical care to the Gold Coast. If you’re looking for a family doctor who genuinely cares about your long-term health come in and meet our team or give us a call on 1300 011 925.

How to Check Your Breast For Breast Cancer

How to Check Your Breast For Breast Cancer

Jun 15, 2018 Written By sp_medical

An important element of women’s health is regular breast cancer checks and screenings. To detect breast cancer as early as possible, it is important that you follow these three self-check steps. It is essential in order to detect and stop it before it spreads. Self-Exam Once a Month Adult women of all ages should be performing breast self-examinations at least

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Does your physical health affect your mental health?

Does your physical health affect your mental health?

Jun 05, 2018 Written By sp_medical

The mind and body are two very interconnected systems. Many health professionals agree, poor physical health can directly affect your mental health. There are many studies that have proven the direct correlation of long-term physical health conditions with depression and anxiety. Having poor physical health can severely increase your changes of developing mental health issues. And, visa versa! Lifestyle factors

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Why Choose Southport Metro Medical Centre?

Dec 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

If you are looking for a regular doctor or local GP, Southport Metro Medical offers local care for individuals, entire families, children and elderly across the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on giving each and every one of our patients the time, care and attention they need. Our teams foster the ‘old fashioned’ family doctor service. Which means, out patients

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Erectile Dysfunction: Every Man’s Nightmare or a Curable Condition

Nov 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

Did you know that men with diabetes are three times more likely to have problems with sex than non-diabetic men? The most common symptom is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Since this can feel like such a private issue, many feel too embarrassed to discuss the issue with their doctor or GP. What you need to know is that its treatable! Proven

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Dealing with Childhood Obesity

Oct 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

There is a big difference between adorable baby fat and a serious child health concern. If your child is struggling with their weight, it may be that you don’t know how to help or unaware there is an issue, but childhood obesity affects a vast amount of families all around the world. Most of these cases are preventable, or can

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Skin Checks

Sep 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

Why It’s Important to Have Regular Skin Checks The biggest reason to have regular skin checks, is that most skin cancers can be found with skin exams. Detecting cancer early means they are easier to treat, and there less risk of it going untreated. Regular skin exams are especially important for anyone with a history of cancer, anyone with a

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Options for Elderly Patients

Aug 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

Options for Elderly Patients Who Can’t Get to a Medical Centre Regularly For many elderly patient’s transportation to a medical centre for their regular medical checks and GP visits can be difficult. What this means – for those in the community that need it most – access to quality healthcare is limited. Many elderly people living in aged care facilities

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Mental Health Issues

Jul 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

Why People Shy Away from Mental Health Issues Here are three of the top reasons why many shy away from mental health issues in themselves as well as others:  1. It’s Personal Many people shy away from helping others who display signs of mental illness because they consider it a personal issue or a family matter, or they simply do

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Skin Tears and Venous Leg Ulcers in the Elderly

Jun 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

Skin Tears and Venous leg ulcers are among the most common wounds treated in General Practice particularly in the elderly. Both are often painful, can be slow to heal, cause distress and greatly reduce a person’s quality of life. Wound pain can have an impact on your overall health and well-being, including quality of sleep, mood, relationships and activity. What

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Flu Shots

May 05, 2017 Written By sp_medical

As winter descends, most of this think flu season will soon be upon us. But, you may not be aware that flu season can actually be all year round! Flu or influenza, is an extremely contagious disease, that can easily spread through coughing, sneezing or by touching infected surfaces. There are three strains of influenza that can infect humans; Types

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What We Give Back To Society

Thank you for supporting our clinic by being part of our community and patient base. In 2015, 2016 and again in 2017 we have been proud sponsors of and avid supporters of children in sport across many disciplines. As parents ourselves we recognise the importance of active body, active minds and promoting healthy living from a young age.

Many of the clubs, teams and individuals we have sponsored over the years have excelled to win premierships or be selected as representatives of QLD, Australia and even New Zealand.

Among the young athletes have been many that have travelled both Nationally and Internationally to a vast range of locations. We always encourage those that have travelled to countries where children are less fortunate than themselves to share the experience by providing them with care packages and sports equipment for those children.

Additionally we also support teens, adults and seniors in Netball, Rugby Union, Basketball, Hockey, Equestrian and V8 supercars.